Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear Emery

 Dear Emery,
You made this round of Collabor88 complete for me! 
Love & Smooches, 
    Moi! ♥ 

 Okay, really though.. I love this top and pant set Emery released for Collabor88. Seeing the ad, I almost passed it up. It was a gorgeous ad, don't get me wrong, just not my usual style. We all know how real the struggle to get into Collabor88 right after opening is though, so in true shopaholic fashion, I grabbed the demo while I could and was pleasantly surprised!
I especially love these pants! While they could be dressed up or's me we're talking about here... so immediately I saw them as the perfect lounge around the house pants. You know those yoga pants women wear day in and day out whether they do yoga or not? Yeah...these are my equivalent to those yoga pants! lol I'll probably live in them...they're just too comfy not to! The sweater is just as cozy and both the tops and pants come in different colors and patterns for mix and matching.

Top: Emery Motel Top Smoke {Available at Collabor88}
Pants: Emery Lydia Wide Pants Lines Pure {Available at Collabor88}
Hair: Magika Dreamy


Collabor88 , Emery , Magika , !bang

: The Collabor88 round these items are featured in are October of '14 ::

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